The Recruit Potential project will be delivered by five partners from Sweden, Portugal, UK, Latvia, and the Netherlands. Three partners are local public authorities, represented in the project by their HR specialists and management. In addition, one partner is specialized in the development of HR training courses, and one technical partner specialized in the development of online courses and Open Educational Resources.


Skellefteå (SWEDEN)

is the local Authority responsible for providing a significant proportion of public services including schools, emergency services and city planning. They have a considerable degree of autonomy and have independent powers of taxation. Skellefteå have responsibility for Childcare and pre-school as well as Primary and Secondary schools, Adult and Vocational Education. They have organised VET-programmes for internal and external HR staff to increase their knowledge on strategic HR issues, coaching for management as well as business intelligence in this area.

The Municipality of Lousada (PORTUGAL)

The Municipality mission is to define guiding strategies and execute the resulting municipal policies towards sustainable development of the municipality, contributing to the increased competitiveness of it, in local, regional and national levels, through measures and programs in various areas of their competence, promoting the quality of life of its citizens and ensuring high standards of quality services.
The Municipality of Lousada is also responsible for the promotion and support of the education. Their policies focus both on creating high quality educational pathways for young people, and for the continuous improvements in the quality of adult education and training.

Daugavpils (LATVIA)

Daugavpils is an industrial and educational centre, as well as an important cultural, sports and recreation centre. The motto and strategic goal of the city is: “Daugavpils – the engine of innovative economy and the capital of well-being in the Eastern Baltics”. Daugavpils sustainable development goals are dependent on smart and skilled citizens. The Municipality has set 3 future priorities:

  • Happy, educated, creative and healthy people, who are proud of their city- Daugavpils.
  • Economy of Daugavpils – in which there are well developed industry with high additional value creation.
  • Aesthetical and functionally designed urban environment.

Canice Consulting (UK)

is a Northern Irish consultancy with a specialization in online learning and vocational training. The company regularly undertakes assignments involving both local and regional development programmes, SME coaching and training solutions within the wider field of VET. In recent years, we have developed a particular specialism in digital learning platforms, providing a broad range of modern learning services to the EU market place. The company is committed to a strategic partnership approach and works closely with many vocational educational training institutions, higher education institutions, local government and private clients to generate innovative learning solutions and foster the knowledge sharing and collaborative processes that lead to more effective outcomes.

Business Development Friesland (NETHERLANDS)

BDF is a not-for-profit foundation which develops and executes projects focused on growth for people in knowledge institutes (VET institutes and Universities), start-up companies, well-established SMEs and local governments. The projects of BDF always have a knowledge intensive character and evolve around; connecting people; development of new skills and a practical approach.

BDF operates within a large international network of schools, universities, companies, intermediaries and associations. They find great satisfaction in leading their partners to cooperation and overcome the differences between culture, language, attitude and regional divergences.